Nutrition to Lose Weight

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Let me ask you a question, if so many people are on diets and not losing weight do diets even work? The answer is no. Finding the best nutrition to lose weight is the only common threat shared by those who have lost weight.

Sure you may drop a couple pounds in the beginning of a new crash diet, but the results won’t last. Most diets are centered on what you must restrict. This type of negative connotation makes it nearly impossible to find the long term motivation necessary for weight loss.

Often this restriction leads to a slow metabolism and drained energy. In addition, diets are miserable and not maintainable over the long run. Honestly, how long can you really survive on grapefruits and green tea?

I have been down this road many times before, and from my experience, proper nutrition is the best way to lose weight. Using nutrition to lose weight will give you better results, more energy, and mental clarity. Here are three good reasons why.

1. Naturally Low in Calories

In understanding the importance of healthy nutrition on weight loss, you need to understand why your body craves food. Your body is smart, but it doesn’t know what you put inside your stomach. All it cares about is how much food is in your stomach!

Healthy foods like vegetables and fruits are less calorie dense than fried foods and processed foods. So by filling your stomach with these low calories foods, you will unconsciously restrict calories without feeling deprived or hungry.

Processed foods don’t look the same as natural foods to your body.  so they just get stored as fat. When you eat natural foods instead of processed junk, your body actually benefits from the calories so they are less likely to get stored as fat. This is why it is so important to use nutrition to lose weight, and not rely on simply cutting calories.

nutrition for weight loss.

The best way to describe the effect of food on your body is to think about your car. Your car needs gas and oil to run properly. Let’s pretend the gas is calories and the oil is vitamins and minerals. If you focus on just giving it gas without replenishing the oil, the engine will start to wear down.

When you give your body calories without vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals found in natural foods, your body does the same thing – it begins to wear down. You just aren’t giving your body the building blocks it needs to run effectively.

All nutritious foods will allow plenty of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to nourish your body.

3. Healthy Nutrition to Lose Weight

Here’s some great news. You can still get all the protein you need eating fresh produce. In fact, the amount of protein your body needs to thrive is only 5 percent of your diet. That is a shocking distance away from the standard 30 percent most Americans consume. Healthy nutrition that includes protein can help you build lean muscle tissue, which can throw your metabolism into high gear. This is definitely a plus if you want to send those love handles on a permanent honeymoon.

It’s important to get food as natural as possible, since the additives and hormones in factory meat is linked to weight gain.

Who really wants to end up in the endless cycle of dieting? Healthy nutrition for weight loss is a much better option for getting the body you’ve always wanted. Remember though, nutritious eating is just one piece of the weight loss puzzle. If you really want to jump start your weight loss, move around and drink plenty of water.

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