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Lose weight eating fast food, have I gone crazy? Well yes and no. Let me show you what I mean.

We are a nation on the go and as a result we’re gaining weight and losing health. A big part of this is the ease and quick access of fast food. It’s all around us, it’s fast, and yes, as much as I hate to admit it, it’s delicious.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably made a promise to start eating healthy, only to get caught up in your busy schedule. Then it seems just as the hunger sneaks up on you, the Golden Arches are there to great you with open arms. “Tomorrow I’ll start eating healthy”, I’ll usually reassure myself.

When most people get hungry and hurried, they chose fast food rather than healthy options. Sure I can tell you that fast food is no good for you. I can give you simple tips to avoid the urge to that delicious BigMac (my favorite  it’s kind of old school but I love the classics) but we live in the real world. Something many diet professionals fail to remember. The reality, you can lose weight eating fast food. You just have to know how.

Let me clarify something: I always judge the quality of my food by how I feel afterwards. And surprisingly your body is usually right! Few people can argue the SOS signs your body turns out after a fast food meal. “How could you do this to me!”, is what your body would cry out if it could talk.

But when you deprive something, the urge will only get larger.

Deprive sex and you’ll have sexual dreams. Deprive chocolate and you’ll crave chocolate. It gets deeply rooted in your subconscious and only grows in power.

Even though fast food is detrimental to your health it won’t kill you if you eat it once in a while, unless you choke on it but you know what I mean! Never deprive yourself of anything. Moderation is the key to success.

So now that I got my little rant out of the way (sorry I get carried away sometimes) I’ll share with you some fail-proof ways to lose weight eating fast food without throwing your taste buds under the bus.

lose weight eating fast foodContrary to what most people think, a burger really isn’t that bad for you. Most burgers will be more than able to play nice with your weight loss plans. But topping can put a damper on your weight loss faster than a fat kid at the candy store (sorry, it seemed fitting for our topic). Mayo, ranch, cream cheese, and any of the other sauces can add up fast. If you want to lose weight eating fast food, stay as far away from toppings as you can.

Tomatoes, onion and lettuce should be encouraged to join the burger party! Load up on them as much as you can to add debt and flavor without calories. Plus things with color are good for you, unless there not edible.

Beware of Freebies!

Most restaurants will serve you bread or breadsticks before the meal. A nice gesture, but come on guys, do you have to tempt us at every turn? You’re not going to lose weight eating fast food when you’re feasting on bread and butter before your meal! Simply fold your hands and stay strong.

Drinks Anyone?

A large coke can add 400 calories to your meal. What the …? That’s almost as much a whole burger. Opt for water and you’ll cut your calories dramatically. Having soda with our meals has become more of a ‘habit’ than anything else. We usually don’t even appreciate it. Most people hardly think about what they drink, but it’s important if you want to lose weight eating fast food. Stick with water!

Fill Er’ Up!

The smells and aroma inside a fast food joint can be hard to resist. I remember during college I used to walk into McDonalds with the intention of getting a snack wrap and leave with a large quarter pounder meal. How do I avoid this now?

It’s as simple as simple can be. Drink a glass of water, and I mean a big glass, not a 2 oz “cup”, before you go out. The water will keep your hunger under control so you don’t lose control at the order counter!

Skip the Cheese

lose weight eating fast foodHow much do you really taste the cheese on your burger? Look I love cheese as much as the next guy, but I hardly notice when it’s missing. And with 100 calories or more in every slice, you waistline will certainly notice when it’s missing!

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