How to Suppress Hunger

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You should never be hungry on a diet. If you are, something is wrong. Contrary to what you may feel, your body is not out to make you fat. You feel hungry because you need food. And no, I don’t mean stuffing yourself with chocolate cake is ok, however enticing it may be!

But when you start your path to a healthier body, you may still have unnecessary cravings from the food you were used to eating. This is completely normal, and is a common pitfall for many dieters. Get past this ‘adjustment’ period and it will be a lot easier to suppress hunger and end your struggle with weight.

4 Refreshingly Simple Tips to Suppress Hunger

Keep in mind, the “hunger” I am talking about is more accurately a craving. Hunger is good, craving is bad. It’s important to know the difference between hunger and cravings. So how can we suppress hunger and give our bodies a fighting chance at fitting into those skinny jeans?

1. Drink Your Water

Many times we get hunger cravings our body is really trying to tell us we need water. This is well researched, and is something you should ask yourself next time that sneaky craving shows up.

Drink a tall glass of water when you feel hungry and wait twenty minutes. If you are still hungry, snack away amigo!

2. Eat Healthy Fats

Yes, you can eat fat while you are trying to lose weight. Does this mean you have my blessing to run out and devour the nearest bucket of fried chicken? Wishful thinking, but the answer is no.

You need fat while you are dieting. Heck, you need fat to survive. But choosing the right fats is what will make a difference. Olive oil and essential fatty acids like omega – 3 are great at suppressing hunger. Sources for these foods include nuts, avocadoes, olive oil, and flax seed oil.

3. All Aboard the Fiber Train!

Most people know that fiber is good for suppressing your hunger, but not many can tell you why.

Fiber makes you feel full since it takes longer to digest. This keeps you digestive track full and keep your stomach from signaling to your brain that you need more food.

If you want to suppress hunger, consider including a serving of fiber with every meal. Hanging out with your favorite dark green vegetable every meal is a great way to suppress hunger throughout the day. In an effort to save some confusion, hanging out means eating the vegetable and not keeping him around during supper. That would just be weird. Salad and celery sticks make great snacks.

4. Stay Active

Sure, you can’t put this one down your mouth, but it helps nonetheless. Finding some way to be active can help you put a damper on an incoming hunger parade.

I’m sure you know I’m not a huge fan of boring gym workouts. Find something that’s fun, requires you to lift parts of your body, and do it. Go out hiking, running, swimming, or rob a bank – I don’t care – as long as it gets you moving.

A common reason we eat is the “ugh, who cares” excuse we give ourselves. Ever notice how easy it is to eat that fourteenth cookie? At that point we’ve already given up on our day including something that remotely resembles a healthy diet. Staying active helps make sure we don’t get past that first cookie.

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