How to Reduce Weight

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So you want to learn how to reduce your weight. Good for you! Of course everyone loses weight differently, but over my years working in health and fitness I’ve notices certain properties that every successful diet has. Will it be difficult? Sure, all change come with some level of difficulty, but I assure you learning how to reduce your weight will never be this simple if you follow these 7 sensational tips.

How to Reduce Weight

Avoid Unneeded Sugar!

One of the easiest and fastest ways to reduce weight is by cutting out sugar. I’ve seen people who cut sugars out of their diet go on to literally melt away fat. This is because sugar is easily digested in the body. Your body uses the energy it needs, and stores a small amount as short term fat reserves in your liver, and the rest as fat. Protein and complex carbs take longer to digest and are not as readily stored as fat.

The most trouble people have when cutting out sugar is the hidden sugar in rather innocent looking foods.

how to reduce your weightAverage Fast Food Meal:

French Fries – 12 teaspoons of sugar
Soda (24 oz) – 19 teaspoons sugar
Hamburger Bun – 6 teaspoon sugar

Other Common Foods

Orange Juice (only 6 oz!)  6 teaspoons sugar
Bagel 8 teaspoon sugar
Pasta (2 cups) 18 teaspoons .

how to reduce weightIt may seem silly that the potion to reduce weight covers two thirds of our planet but it’s true! Did you know that most Americans don’t get enough water for their bodies to function at 100 percent? Not only that, but water plays a large part in how to reduce weight by performing two functions.

You see one of your liver’s main functions is to convert stored fat into energy (something we want to reduce weight). But another function is to help the kidneys function. When you don’t drink enough water, your kidneys lower their productivity, leaving the liver to pick up the slack. This reduces the effectiveness of the liver to turn fat into energy. Most people would automatically lose a couple pounds just be getting enough water, and it’s a great way to jump start your weight-loss and start reducing your weight.

The other reason water is good to reduce weight is because it fills your stomach and drastically lowers your food cravings, making it easier to stay on track!

Change Your View, How to reduce weight requires a long term view. Have you even just wanted to break free of dieting and never “worry” about your weight again? Then change your lifestyle, not just your temporary eating habits. From now on look to make life changes, not go on diets.

Never Force Yourself to Exercise ,Learning how to reduce weight is more about being comfortable during the process than anything else. Ever wonder why so many diets fail? It’s because people can’t wait to go back to the way it was before. When you force yourself to exercise you will be far less likely to want to exercise in the future.

Don’t like going to the gym? Fine, do for a nice walk after dinner instead. Or maybe you love swimming? Then go swimming! Don’t make exercise harder than it needs to be. Have fun and you’ll learn that learning how to reduce your weight isn’t as hard as you thought!

Make Changes, Many people dream to be rich, but only if it means winning the lottery. Many alcoholics would do anything to be sober, but not if it means putting down the bottle. Just like many people do just about anything to be skinny, except for changing their eating habits. How to reduce weight is not about taking in the newest diet pill and sitting back as the weight falls off. You need to want this more than anything, and you need to change your diet.

Keep a Journal Scratch that, it doesn’t even need to be a journal. Just write down (yes, on paper) your goals and what you are doing to get there. That’s it! Visualizing how to reduce weight is the best way to see it come to live.

Start Now, It’s too easy to say you’re going to reduce your weight tomorrow. When I was in college, there was a great sign in one of the bars that read, “Free beer, tomorrow…”. Tomorrow will never come, because when it does it will be now. So start right now!

I hope these 7 juicy tips on how to reduce weight will show you how simple weight loss can be. In fact the only reason it seems complicated is because people make it that way. Below is a great resource if you want to take the next step to lose weight. Just think about how good it will feel to put on those skinny jeans and look great doing it. Above all, think of how good it will feel to never worry about your weight again. I’ve done it and let me tell you it feels better than you could even imagine! Now it’s you turn…

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