End Your Struggle with Weight

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End struggle with weightThere is an old Zen story about a rider and a horse. They are rapidly galloping down the street when a bystander, who was almost run off the road, yells, “Hey, where are you going in such a hurry?” The rider turns sharply and replies, “I’m not sure, as the horse!”

Your struggle with weight is probably strikingly similar to this story. You don’t want to eat, you don’t want to be overweight, yet you still reach for the same foods that cause the problem. Sound crazy doesn’t it?

Well you’re not alone, almost everyone does the opposite of what they know is the better choice – chasing pleasure, and running away from pain. But this obsession with momentary pleasure gives us a lasting sense of anger and sadness.
The more you become aware of this, the easier it becomes to end your struggle with weight.

Finding the Root Cause of Why You Struggle With Weight.

1. The Root Cause of Overeating

There’s a big difference between hunger and cravings. Hunger is when your body needs food, cravings is when your mind wants food. Separating the two is an essential step to ending your struggle with weight.

Next time you feel the urge to eat, give some time to analyze why you feel hungry. Are you just bored, tired, engaged in a certain activity? Does your body want food or are you craving food for pleasure? Once you realize why you feel the urge to eat, the power is returned back to you. The urge will lose its control over you. It’s a refreshing way to suppress hunger and cravings without eating.

When you look deeply into your cravings and what feeds it, you’re already on the way to liberation from food cravings.

2. Mindful Eating

Sometime you can eat a meal and not even realize you ate it. Have you ever sat in front of the TV and snaked away? Funny how fast it adds up isn’t it?

When you mindlessly eat, you lose control of your portions – and more importantly, you don’t appreciate the food!

We need to shine the light of mindfullness on everything we eat and do, so the darkness of forgetfulness will disapear. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh
Next time you eat, focus all your attention to your food. Savor every single bite slowly. You’ll notice that even the most mundane foods have so much to offer.

Eating mindfully is a surefire way to end your struggle with weight.

3. Listening to Your Body

If you listen carefully, your body will tell you exactly when you’ve had enough to eat. The problem is that most of us mindlessly devour food and unconsciously (or consciously during Thanksgiving) ignore our body’s signals. As you eat, become aware of how your body feels, and what it trying to tell you.

This is much more effective than trying to suppress your hunger cravings by going on a strict diet. In fact, usually when we try and suppress our hunger cravings we end up eating more.

A meal should be energizing not debilitating. Food gives your body a burst of energy that it can use immediately. Stay without food for a day and you’ll know exactly what I mean. A good rule of thumb, is after your meal, you should have enough energy to go for a long walk.

Consider this while you’re eating. Don’t keep eating until the only thing that looks appealing is passing out on the couch.

Make a conscious effort to slowly include these steps in your life and you’ll end your struggle with weight for good – and that’s a huge weight off your shoulders – mentally and physically.

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